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Exclusive US Dealer for the Europa Kit Aircraft

Take advantage of the exchange rate...More plane for the Buck!

Order your Europa kit through Custom Flight Creations and have it shipped to our facility for builder assistance or shipped direct to your home.

Europa XS
(Mono-wheel above, Tri-gear below)

Europa Motor Glider
(Can be built as Mono or Tri-Gear)

Click to Enlarge picture

New kit improvements mean a faster build.  (Hours of construction trimmed for a more enjoyable building experience.)

(Click here for a complete list of parts, modifications and spares manufactured by Europa.) 

Click Here for current monetary conversion rates!

Example:  A Tri-gear with fast build NG control surfaces is now only 26,402 British Pounds times a $1.50/Pound conversion rate is now only $39603.00 which is like getting all the fast builds for less than the slow build kit 3 years ago.

Need Parts?
Order direct through Custom Flight Creations the US dealer.

Want to speed up your project with fastbuild options?

       Fastbuilds include:  Cockpit module, the NG (Next Generation) premanufactured component stabilators, rudder, ailerons, and flaps can decrease your build time by 300 hours, and you are still within your 51% amature build rule.

Trailers for both Tri-gear and Monowheel available as either open or have us build you a custom enclosed trailer. (See Gallery for open trailer.) 

Click here for the lastest information for the Europa enthusiast.