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The following supporting links are some of the manufacturers or suppliers who provide excellent product, service or advice.

Kit plane building advice or information:

Experimental Aircraft Associaltion, Inc.

EAA Chapter 175

Rotax Engine Information:

Rotax Aircraft Engines

Florida Rotax Dealer:

Constant Speed Propellers:
Best constant speed propellor for the Europa:

Airmaster Propellers:
Reliable Electric, Automatic Constant Speed

Whirlwind Propellers:
If you must have an oil driven hydraulic prop.
(No feathering ability)

Other websites who’s products we use frequently and trust.


Becker Products Com/Transponder

Microair Radios Com/Transponder

EFIS Systems:


Grand Rapids Technologies


            PS Engineering (best bang for the buck)

Hand held and panel mount GPS and avionics:


Hardware and Fasteners:

Pip Pins etc. from Carr Lane

Colder Products Company for Quick disconnect of air and fuel

Anything Aircraft Period:

Aircraft Spruce

Wicks Aircraft

Hose and fittings in Tampa:

            Amazon Hose

Electrical and electronic protection:

            Perihelion Design products by Eric Jones

Aircraft Lighting:

            Skybright Strobes sold through Airplane Gear (streamlined and lower power consumption)

Whelen Engineering Co.

Pilot Supplies, Handhelds, Charts etc.:

Sporty’s Pilot Shop