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Constant Speed Propellers you can count on!
Airmaster Propellers has grown to be one of the best propeller manufacturers for light aircraft.  A 2000 Hr. TBO, annual maintenance a builder or maintainer will have little problem following, and performance that is incredible.
Airmaster specializes in producing high performance propeller hub systems where quality comes first.  By combining the best composite blade technology currently available from independent suppliers, with a precise and reliable constant speed hub system, Airmaster is able to provide an extremely reliable, easy to service, long lasting high performance propeller to meet your needs.
Click the link immediately below to link to the Airmaster site for you to find your particular aircraft and find the historically recommended propeller for your aircraft.  If you don't see your aircraft listed, click on the link below and read how to select a propeller best suited for your aircraft.  In this article, it gives owners blade selections which have proven to add performance.  I suggest you contact us at Custom Flight Creations, and we will walk you through the best propeller to match your needs and dispel many of the myths on propeller selection.  The link below contains a .pdf article from Bud Yerly at Custom Flight which describes the analytic process of selecting for a Rotax powered aircraft of any type. It dispels myths and presents the necessary data which is important in your selection criteria.

Click here to download methods for proper propeller selection for a Rotax owner...

The AP420 is great with the Rotax and Jabiru 3300 engines.

In testing the Sensenich blades in the AP420 gives 3-5 knots extra speed to our Rotax owners. 


 Both the AP332 and 430 can be equipped with the Whirlwind blades. The three blade is quiet, smooth and great looking.  We see 3-6 knots increase over our other blades in the 332.

For the very slow STOL aircraft we also have the 75 inch Whirlwind blades. 

Keep in mind, the Rotax engine is maxed out with this length blade.  As a result, the takeoff is quite good, but there is less top end with the longer blade.  Ask us to help you choose your blade length for best all around performance.


At Last, Jabiru 3300 owners have an option for a great propeller ideally suited for the Jabiru owners. The Sensenich ZN blade on the AP420 is a great match for any Jabiru owner. The thinner blade section prevents lugging the engine and creating mixture problems. See our Cooling 102 paper in the Techniques section of this website.


NEW for  New for 2014 - Reversing.  Seaplane owners are no longer at the mercy of the elements. Back away from the dock or help brake when approaching the beach with a tailwind. Our Beta version of the Airmaster hub allows just the right reverse thrust to help our seaplane/floatplane owners.


The AP420 is great with the Rotax and Jabiru 3300 engines.

In testing the Sensenich blades in the AP420 gives 3-5 knots extra speed. 

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"Why do I use the Airmaster? No oil leaks, easy operation, full feathering at any speed and the comfort that in the event of a controller failure, I am not stuck out. The Airmaster can be operated in manual (a variable pitch only mode). Should the brushes fail, or complete electrical failure, I can continue my flight in manual control, land and and with a screw driver, open the prop motor cover and use a 9 volt battery to drive the blades to a fixed pitch setting to get me home. The comfort of a prop that is perfectly tuned to my 914 Rotax, with no chance of an oil leak or other problems to stick me out on a cross country adventure."

Bud Yerly, N12AY Europa Classic with XS mods. 


Airmaster FAQs:
Q:  Why should I buy from a US Dealer rather than direct or an OEM. 
A:  Simple, we service what we sell.  At Custom Flight Creations we have experience in installations on over 30 propellers on everything from seaplanes, to auto-gyros.  We know what works and can tailor your prop to your aircraft.  We have helped a number of suffering owners who have listened to so called "experts" in their aircraft, who guided them into making poor choices, which resulted in disappointing performance and long expensive delays in getting their prop choice corrected. 
Q:  If I buy from an OEM, will you service me?
A:  You will have to go back to your OEM and then to Airmaster in New Zealand for service.  However, many times we are asked by Airmaster to service an OEM customer because the owner is stuck.  We all sell for the same retail price so it comes down to expertise and dealer incentives.
Q:  What kind of blade is best?
A:  At Custom Flight, I am an Aero Engineer and am familiar with the various blade manufactured in the US.  We have programs to assist us in determining what blade length and type is best suited for your aircraft.  There are many factors which affect propeller choice.  Just because a prop shape is available and works in a fixed pitch, doesn't mean it will work well in a constant speed hub.  Without assistance of knowledgeable folks, you are guessing, and perhaps making an expensive mistake...

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