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Builder support for those with the Jason Parker engines.

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Jason Parker has been scarfed up by the aviaton industry and no longer produces the fuel injected Rotax.  This engine was loosely based on the Predator Drone 914 and was adapted it for the experimental aircraft market.  Limited builder support is still available.

For those who are not familiar with this engine, the engine is a Rotax 914, and fits a standard 912/914 ring mount footprint and requires no significant modifications to fit in the cowling of a Europa, Kitfox, Just Plane,  Sea Max, Zenith, or autogyro, . What we came up with was the Extreme Europa 914. With direct port fuel injection and timing control, 7psi is now possible for boost, producing in excess of 145HP for short bursts of power (not recommended),  or crank the boost down to 5 psi and have normal 914 power which was limited to 5 minutes for takeoff.  Cruise at or below 2 PSI and get better economy than a stock Rotax 914 and still more power because of the fuel injections overall power...  Overall weight of the Europa 914 with intercooler, engine mounts and full dual fuel, electrical, and injection redundancy approaches 200lbs.

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Fuel injection is the future of aviation. With the benefits of more efficient fuel distribution, fuel injection will take over the experimental aircraft world. Fly higher, farther, and more reliably.  Jason Parker has addressed not just the touchy carb balancing deficiencies of the Rotax, but also the anemic electrical power.  This engine comes with a rear belt driven 50-amp alternator and is incredibly smooth and responsive at any power setting.  Finally, a reliable smooth running engine from idle to full boost turbo, with electronic control to prevent overboost and give full performance without altitude limitations.  You just can't beat it!

1. No chance of carb icing
2. No carb synchronization required since the system runs off one manifold
3. Rev limiter and boost limiter make it impossible to over rev or over boost on an engine
4. Full redundancy (two of everything needed to run the engine) means peace of mind.
5. In flight adjustment of mixture on either computer
6. Ignition map runs engine smoother at idle, mid range, and full throttle
7. Bolts up to the Europa main gear mount directly.

1. Redundancy adds around 12lbs
2. Intercooler adds around 10lbs
3. Fuel injection requires 40 PSI fuel system, so no cheap fittings please.

Extreme Engines is out of production but below is the system map for the SDS fuel injection computer and the last changes to the engines fittings and fuel screens.

RPM IG Mag position at top dead center assumed at 86 degrees
500 1
750 2
1000 4
1250 9 

1500 15
1750 29
2000 31
2250 31
2500 31
2750 31
3000 29
3250 29
3500 29
3750 29
4000 29
4500 29
4750 29
5000 28
5500 28
5750 28
6000 28

Contact Jason Parker at:
JP Associates, Bakersfield CA
Phone: 661 428-1850
Web site: