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This page contains information related to Custom Flight and Europa kit builders.  As your US dealer for Europa and Airmaster Propellors, we supply not just parts, but also information relavant to the safe condition of your aircraft, airshow information, or relevant news.

Phone number change:  I am getting rid of the shop phone.  With all the out of shop cleanup its worthless.  Since everyone has cell phones now, and we have excellent coverage, why keep a land line.  My cell phone will be the business phone.  I have international and domestic available at (813) 244-8354.  So do not hesitate to call my cell.


It's repair and clean up time at the shop:   I am finishing the last touchups on Brett Browns 912S Trigear.  Finally I have time to start cleaning up the shop.  I have to make room for three more aircraft coming in over the next few months.  So to be brief, I am rebuilding, my trailers (mono and flatbed) fixing my mono dolly, repairing my whole fuselage dolly and upgrading my wing walkers.  12AY has its starter repaired and we're flying again.  We've had a number of bad storms and have a tropical storm going by and our yard around the shop is a mess.  


Oshkosh is just around the corner July 25 through 31.  I'm looking forward to attending Oshkosh this year and am bringing N12AY sporting a two blade Airmaster Prop.  Jim and Heather Butcher will bring their mono and it will be showing off its AP332S with its new WhirlWind blades.

We have an update on what's going on at the factory and why, and plan to have a  couple of events.


Monday we will participate in the Hombuilders Showcase. 

On Wednesday Afternoon a Europa Forum for updates, news and of course builder questions and techniques.

Thursday is the Hombuilders Dinner which is always fun.


Come join in the fun.  Keep up with more news on the Europa Forum on the site.


We had a great time at Sun 'n Fun this year.  We were joined by many friends and Site N-55 was busy.  On to Oshkosh.  I will be joining Airmaster Propellers in their booth this year part time and enjoying the show.  We anticipate a builders forum and are looking forward to it very much.


We are a go for SUN - N- FUN 2015.  Custom Flight will be participating in Spring Break at Site N-55 which is on the main flight line off Hangar A/B.  I have no idea what plane to display.  We have a few to choose from.  We may show our mods to the Jabiru cowl which really cools well, or a glider, or a high top.  Not sure yet.  We will be showing some new blades available for the Airmaster AP332 and hopefully have the flight test done for them and provide you numbers.  We also have  a new landing light that is a great value and is both good for landing and taxi.   Come and join us and watch the show.  We are considering a seminar of interest to everyone.  So mark you calendar for April 20-26, 2015 and enjoy a break from "climate change woes".


Changes to the website.  Look at the techniques tab for new cooling articles, Mod 78 information and other articles as we have expanded that section with more to follow.  This is a great area for new builders or those updating their aircraft. 


Join us at Sun 'n Fun April 1-6.  Custom Flight will be showing a Europa LSA aircraft at the show.  Look for us on spot 33 just Northeast of Hangar C near the flight line taxiway.  Stop by and chat a bit and get a much needed drink and some shade from the Florida Sun.  We will also have videos and photos of some of our modifications and upgrades for the Europa.  We have flying aircraft on the flightline and partially built kits at the shop for sale.  Come join us for a week of great flying and fun.

Custom Flight will close shop for graduations and for travel from 5-10 June 2013.

Europa Aircraft moving to Wombleton Airfield in late May and June.  Alot of changes are happening.  See

Sun 'n Fun was a great time. 
It was great seeing so many of you Europa owners stop by and pay a visit.  Sales of Custom Flight Creations used kits and wings was brisk and for the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed the show by seeing old flying friends and other distributors.  Weather precluded many folks north of the Mason Dixon line from being able to escape the cold of the Northern US which was the only drawback.

Join us at Sun 'n Fun April 9-14.  Custom Flight Creations will display the Europa Aircraft this year and Airmaster Propellers.  Look for site N34 for a chance to share with other builders, discuss upgrades and new.  On display will be N12AY Bud's Little Trigear, and out in the field will be John Kershner's Jabiru Powered Trigear and George Reeds Motor Glider.  Come and see us.  

September 3 and 4th 2011, the Annual Europa Fly-In at Rough River Kentucky.  We have set the date well ahead of time for Labor Day weekend of 2011.  Please join us for a relaxing time of flying and fellowship.  Meet the guys and gals who are building and flying our favorite aircraft.  Share ideas and flight stories.

March 29-3 April Sun n Fun  2011   Join us at Sun ‘n Fun at site N100 for a week in the sun at Lakeland Linder Airport’s Sun ‘n Fun fly in.  The LSA mod is complete for any new builder wishing to enjoy the finest flying LSA in the US.  The Vortex Generators transform the superb Europa wing into a slow flight/ STOL aircraft which allows the Europa XS to meet all the requirements of the US Light Sport Aircraft requirements.  Add a 912 and a fixed prop and enjoy a 120 knot cruise about the country while the competition gets left behind.  Weather permitting we will display the Europa Motor Glider as we think this aircraft brings a whole new dimension to the fixed wing pilot.

 September 16-19, 2010 Rough River Europa Fly in.   We had a great time.  13 Europas came from California, Michigan, Louisiana, Florida, New England and points in between.  Congratulations to all the builders that flew in.  I felt terrible that I didn't work harder to wash my plane up that I use for a demonstrator, as the quality and finish on virtually all the aircraft there was a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the builders.  Pictures to follow when I get time.

May 25, 2010  Sun 'n Fun 2010 a great success.  The Europa display was under the tree on spot 90 and 91 and we displayed N12AY as an LSA concept.  We had two offers on the plane at the show, but Bud's wife won't let him sell this one until the next is flying.  The vortex generators were removed for the show.  We have 10 hours on the plane and performance is right on target.  N12AY is a test mule and will be testing the difference between the Airmaster AP332 and the AP420.  It will also show a data sheet which shows all improvements over the original stock airframe and the net improvements.  Also displayed for sale was Rich Sementilli's tail dragger.  Rich brought it down for a comprehensive annual and to modify the tail spring and update avionics programs.  Great airplane for only $76,000.
January 15, 2010  Europa to attend Sebring LSA Expo.
  Bud Yerly will be bring N12AY (the LSA concept aircraft for the conversion of those completed aircraft which are registered now at 1300 or 1320 pounds or those who have not yet registered their XS and can lower their GW to 1320 pounds) to the LSA Expo.  The aircraft has vortex generators added to the wing.  Trials of the new mod are progressing and there are no adverse characteristics with the VGs.  The stall is 3-5 knots slower with full span VGs or partial span VGs.  The wing gives good warning with lots of tail rumble with partial span VGs.  Aileron control is quite good near the stall, and takeoff feel (that old sinking feeling when inadvertently yanked out of ground effect) is significantly reduced.